Delivery of items

Items are delivered FREE OF CHARGE.

Delivery methods
All items are shipped by courier service DHL.
Delivery time 

The items are delivered within 3-10 days of receiving the order.

Once the items have been shipped, you receive a code from the DHL courier that allows you to track the location of your item.

Terms and conditions of the return

Contact us by email or phone if you want to return your purchased items.

Please provide the following information:

– the name and quantity of the item;

– order number;

– the reason for the return.

Upon receipt of your message, we will contact you personally to agree on the terms and conditions of the return.

The cost of delivery of the items to the seller shall be borne by the Buyer.

In order to return the item(s), the Buyer must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The returned item must be in original and undamaged packaging;
  2. The item must be undamaged by the Buyer;
  3. The item must not have lost its marketable appearance and its surface must not be scratched. This paragraph shall not apply in the case of a return of defective items. Changes in the appearance of the item or its packaging that were necessary to inspect the item shall not be considered as substantial changes in the appearance of the item;
  4. The returned item must be completed in the same manner as received by the Buyer;
  5. Return must be accompanied by proof of purchase (if issued) and completed deed of return.
  6. If the seller proves that the item was damaged due to the Buyer’s disregard of the rules of use or storage of the item, such item shall not be replaced, the defects shall not be compensated and the money shall not be refunded.

Terms of purchase and sale

(Русский) Способы доставки
(Русский) Все товары отправляются через DPD.
(Русский) Срок доставки
(Русский) Товар доставляется в течение 1-3 дней. от даты получения заказа

(Русский) По мере доставки товара вы получаете код отслеживания товара от курьера DPD.

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